These are allt he cars I wish to get!! Hope you enjoy page one of my mustang gallery!
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Mustang Gallery
The photos you see here are in order from a 641/2 mustang to a 67 mustang. I will own the 641/2 mustang and hopefully soon. I will be getting some of the others later. Yes these cars are my dream cars. I also have little self built model cars. Well actually all I have built so far is the Mystery Machine from scooby doo!! No I don't know alot about cars, but I am learning something new all the time!! Although I may not know to much about them I have to admit I do have an awsome taste for cars. Well in my opinion. When I do learn about cars I might build my 65 instead of buying it. to learn more and stuff. later!!

this is the emblem im getting for my car

thanx for visiting. send me a IM my screen name is MY COW FELL